Halistats - Halilapse
Night Sky over Halifax Sailing Club.

Welcome to the 'Halistats' page. Here you can find out some interesting facts about the making of the Halilapse film.

1. The Halilapse film has taken 5 years to make.

2. For every 3 seconds of footage, an average of 100 still images have been taken.

3. Average time spent shooting each 3 seconds is approximately 30 minutes.

4. The Halilapse project is over 3 Terabytes of data.

5. Halilapse began life as an astro and night photography project. It was originally going to be called 'Star Grazing' featuring animals under star light.

(This project may still happen in the future).

6. Two lenses were destroyed filming Halilapse due to strong wind at Savile Park.

7. Halilapse was filmed using a Nikon D7000, D7200, Canon 5Dmkii and a Huawei P20 mobile.

8. The aerial footage was shot by Christian's youngest brother Michael Wilkinson.

9. Christian went to photograph the Grand Central train as it approached Halifax train station on three separate occasions, he was late and missed the train on each occasion.

10. While shooting the skeleton tree at Mytholmroyd, Christian was attacked by a badger. Terrified, he quickly fled but in doing so lost his house keys and had to go to work the following day wearing muddy clothes (much to the amusement of his colleagues).

11. Although he spent a lot of time in the field, the most time consuming part of creating Halilapse was in the editing suite. Christian has spent a minimum of two hours each day editing this film.

12. One of Christians hard drives containing winter footage from the infamous 'Beast from the East' was dropped and damaged beyond repair. It was a major setback for the project, with over 3 hours of winter footage lost, along with one terabyte of family photos which were lost forever.

13. Christian’s computer broke at the sight of the task of editing the final cut for winter.

This created a major setback and 9 hours of editing had to be done from scratch.